Alejandra Hernández

Alejandra Hernández (Colombia/1989 lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.
She completed a bachelor in visual arts at La Javeriana University in Bogotá in 2011, before moving to Belgium and starting a master in KASK School of Arts. She has participated in various collective and solo exhibitions including Bogotá, Brussels, Ghent, Modica among others. She works on painting and drawing mainly, which are combined in lively installations, sometimes working on site specific projects and others as more classical displays which are influenced by experiences of daily life, film, art history, comic, cinema, mythology, internet influx and people she has met. Live portraits are a central focus on her practice as a way to create intersections between people and having an intimate experience where the final image is a result of a mental, physical and material collaboration between artist and sitter. Overall the outcome is a combination of images and symbols that play between reality and fantasy, portrayed in moments where ambiguity is always present. She is currently participating in the HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) program in Ghent, Belgium.



Fishy, 2016

oil on canvas
120 × 140 cm

Las tres gracias

Las tres gracias, 2016

oil on canvas
200 × 140 cm

Lizard Queen

Lizard Queen, 2016

oil on canvas
140 × 170 cm

Spilled milk

Spilled milk, 2016

Oil on canvas
130 × 150 cm


Astrid, 2015

oil on canvas
115 × 105 cm

Cotton candy

Cotton candy, 2015

acryl on paper


Daisies, 2015

oil on canvas
140 × 200 cm

Day and night

Day and night, 2015

acryl on paper
29,7 × 21 cm


Greetings, 2015

Acryl on paper
29,7 × 42 cm


Kajsa, 2015

oil on canvas
70 × 90 cm


Lobster, 2015

acryl on paper
36 × 27 cm


Sisterhood, 2015

acryl on paper
37 × 26 cm


Sisters, 2015

acryl on paper
27 × 36 cm


Untitled, 2015

Installation, wood and drawings on paper
34 × 144 × 90 cm

The girl and the three spiritual beings

The girl and the three spiritual beings, 2014

acryl on paper
29,7 × 21 cm



acryl on paper
36 × 27 cm